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Thread: Crowler Recommendation

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    Crowler Recommendation

    Hey Everyone,
    Just wondering if there were any recommendations for a crowler seamer, crowler cans and lids, and labels.

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    Hi John,

    We introduced Crowlers back in March. We spent some time researching before making our decision. We decided to purchase our seamer from Dixie Canning Co. in Athens, GA. It was between them and Oskar Blues. We chose the Dixie seamer because it is an industrial seamer and built to last. There is also the option to re-tool for seaming 12 and 16oz cans. We also like that it is a direct drive motor and the footprint was more suited for our small brewery/taproom. The maintenance is super easy and straight forward. We take apart the seam rolls and clean them weekly, and find little to no drift in the seam specs. The Dixie seamer is more expensive, but its reliability has justified the extra expense.

    We work with the Growler Station for our prelabeled Crowlers and we love their pricing.

    I have also seen the Oktober seamers, and I can appreciate their affordability and ease of use. Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Four Fathers Brewing LLC

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