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Thread: Filling Party Kegs

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    Filling Party Kegs


    Felix form Germany here. First post, hi! I´m about to open a 2 bbl nanobrewery in the next few weeks and there ist one last question remaining.
    I´m selling normal kegs and 5 liter party kegs with built-in CO2 tap, called Top-Kegs.

    I´d like to fill those top kegs with a Blichman Beergun and I read a lot of general controversy about the best way to purge kegs, brites, cans etc. with Co2.

    What pressure and purging duration would be the optimum for those kegs?
    A lot of people write 1-3 PSI is great because it does not generate turbulence and mixing of the Co2 with air. Blichman writes 15 psi to purge quickly...And I saw a can filler from a microbrewery that shoots one "puff" into the can, then fills it.
    Also, I saw a Video on where someone purged a 0,5 l can (16 ounces?) for 10 seconds @ 1 PSI and got ~25 ppb total packaged oxygen.

    So I thought maybe 1-2 PSI for 100 seconds, since the keg is 10 times bigger?

    I would be extremely thankfull for any ideas/advice


    Here´s a photo of the brew kitchen. Two More FVs and the mill are in another room. It´s really Nano!

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