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Thread: Aluminum bottles

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    Aluminum bottles

    Anybody out there have experience with aluminum bottles? I'm wondering if those standard shape aluminum bottles with standard crown cap would work on my (adjustable) counter pressure bottle filler and pneumatic capper. In doing so I hope to combine the "pros" and eliminate the "cons" between bottling and canning. No more washing and relabling, hopefully a lower unit cost, and no new equipment!

    Are there any Canadian or north American suppliers for these?

    I'd appreciate any advice/info.


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    Exal Corp in Ohio supplies these. They are expensive, but a nice solid package.
    Mike Elliott
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    Philipsburg Brewing Co.

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    Just offering up my perception of this package option - definitely just an opinion, based upon how I have seen other brewery's aluminum bottles fare in the marketplace:

    I feel that aluminum bottles didn't catch on for a reason - they are more expensive than glass bottles or cans, heavier to ship than cans, not as hip as cans, have the drawback of a crown cap (allowing in O2 over time), requires you to throw away the crown cap vs being able to recycle the entire package of a can, and also may offer an unstable supply chain as few people manufacture the package, especially in low quantities. I think if aluminum bottles were a great package there would be a LOT more brewers choosing that path, but how many do you see out in the market?

    If your locale demands that you have a packaged product that can be brought onto golf courses, hiking trails, lakes, etc then it may make sense in your case. If you are just trying to find a balance between the pro's and con's of bottles or cans I'm not sure the aluminum bottle is the answer.

    Again...just my two cents.


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