Perrin Lab Tech Position
Responsibilities and tasks included but not limited to:
• Selective media preparation and pouring of plates
• Sterile micro sampling from tanks, package products, water sources, etc.
• Microbiological aseptic plating using micro-filtration techniques
• Use of autoclave for sterilization of equipment, tools, and media
• Sterile plating and testing of wort, beer, and yeast
• Daily measurements and testing of fermenting beer including gravity, temperature, pH, and cell counts
• Yeast management: slurry cell counts, viability staining and counting
• Use of UV/VIS spectrophotometer for beer analysis including: IBU, SRM/color, VDK, FAN, polyphenols, etc.
• Use and maintenance of alcolyzer for beer ABV% analysis
• Perform instrument calibrations: pH meters, densitometer, spectrophotometer, etc.
• Conduct physical, chemical, and microbiological quality checks on in-process beer, finished goods and brewing raw materials
• General data entry, analysis, and reporting
• Maintain cleanliness of equipment and work space in area of responsibility
• Assist in assembly, organization, and operation of taste panels and sensory analysis evaluations
• Other duties as assigned

What we’re looking for/Education/Experience:
 Must have general lab techniques and able to work in sterile microbiological environment
 A Bachelor’s Degree with a Science discipline, Food/Agriculture, or Brewing, and/or experience in Brewing Operations is preferred
 Experience with UV/VIS spectrophotometer, Alcolyzer, PCR, Haze meter, portable gas measuring devices, GC experience is a plus
 Good work ethic and attitude

Physical Requirements:
• Must be able to lift up to 55 lbs.
• Stand, walk, lift and bend repeatedly throughout shift.
• Able to safely work in a fast-paced production environment which may be loud, humid, and hot
• Able to comply with safe chemical handling procedures, including personal protection equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and face shields

Please contact John Stewart at with any questions