Elevate Your Craft
Levante means ‘to rise’ and reflects the rising sun to the East. Our purpose is to elevate the community and craft beer experience with each pour. We are craft beer artisans in pursuit of brewing inspired, small batch creations, complimented by larger scale offerings of equal craftsmanship. We offer an assortment of oak barrel aged beers, eclectically brewed wild ales aged on fruit, and hazy, adjunct laden pale ales and IPAs.

Please attach a Resume AND Cover letter here: https://levantebrewing.com/inside-levante/careers/

Job Overview:
Provide support to all the brewery operations team members in completing all brewing
and brewery operations tasks. Assisting in operation and upkeep of equipment and maintaining quality
control throughout all aspects of the Brewing and Cellar processes, as well as a maintaining the strict
cleanliness standards of the brewery will be a focus for this position. Assist brewers and assistant
brewers in receiving and processing raw materials. Interns also provides support to all company
personnel when deemed necessary by supervisor.

Full time, 3 month paid internship. 40 hours M-F. With dedication, hard-work, and passion, this 3 month position could turn into a full time job in the brewery.

Core Values:
-Passion for learning
-Attention to detail
-Proper work life balance

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
 Maintaining the use of standard operating procedures unless otherwise instructed.
 Work with brewers to ensure our product meets our standards of the highest quality.
 Provide support in ensuring that all raw materials and inventory items are in stock, such as malt,
hops, brewing additives, adjuncts, safety equipment and chemicals.

Report low levels of inventory to supervisor when necessary.
 Work with brewers to maintain barrel programs
 Maintain cleanliness of all areas in the brew house and if needed all areas of brewery.
 Communicate well with supervisors and team members.
 Arrive to each shift on time with a positive attitude.
 Perform others duties as assigned.
Cellaring and Packaging
 Assist in the operation of cellar equipment in a safe and efficient manner.
 Follow SOP’s to meet quality specifications and ensure proper keg line operations.
 Complete all necessary paperwork and virtual paperwork accurately and on time.
 Perform all tasks in an efficient, safe and productive manner.
 Be responsible for ensuring that security procedures are adhered to throughout the building.
 Assist other departments when necessary, including but not limited to Taproom, Maintenance,
Sales, Distribution, and Events

-Much Love