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Thread: Carbonating - Max PSI

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    Carbonating - Max PSI

    I am carbonating a soft drink in a 1bbl brite tank (SS Brewtech brite tank).

    The tank has a 15 psi operating pressure. Does this mean this would be the maximum psi I can use to carbonate? So at 3 degrees celsius the maximum volumes of carbonation would be 2.96 (based on a carbonation chart)?

    If this is the case would it be 15 PSI + wetting pressure? Or should I not set the regulator above 15psi?

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    Pressure tanks are often tested at higher psi than one stated as operating, but without PRV I wouldn't test it. If there is PRV, you should know or find out what is its release pressure, this would be max psi you can safely reach.

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