Hi! Opening soon, small 3BBL into 6BBL operation. Right now working on how to lay out the brewing area. The space I'm moving into will be mostly a blank box, but will have an addition built onto the back. They've already agreed to slope the addition floor if i want it and to put in a trench drain. Check this out:

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Now, ignore the yellow, thats the other tenant, and the "freezer" is a cold room. Right now the addition will hold the 2 bathrooms and the brewing part of the brewhouse, but the fermentors will go into the original building part. Why? Well, so everyone can see them! And also so I can eventually expand to 8 tanks.

The issue? I wouldn't have sloped floors for those tanks, I could just have sloped floors in the brewhouse area.

From yalls experience, is this a bad idea? Should I push to get a reformat where everything is in the addition, even if that makes later expansion hard?