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Thread: Question over splitting up Fermentation area from Brewing Area (and drains)

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    Question over splitting up Fermentation area from Brewing Area (and drains)

    Hi! Opening soon, small 3BBL into 6BBL operation. Right now working on how to lay out the brewing area. The space I'm moving into will be mostly a blank box, but will have an addition built onto the back. They've already agreed to slope the addition floor if i want it and to put in a trench drain. Check this out:

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    Now, ignore the yellow, thats the other tenant, and the "freezer" is a cold room. Right now the addition will hold the 2 bathrooms and the brewing part of the brewhouse, but the fermentors will go into the original building part. Why? Well, so everyone can see them! And also so I can eventually expand to 8 tanks.

    The issue? I wouldn't have sloped floors for those tanks, I could just have sloped floors in the brewhouse area.

    From yalls experience, is this a bad idea? Should I push to get a reformat where everything is in the addition, even if that makes later expansion hard?

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    We are expanding and building a new brewery. We are a 5bbl brewery with 5- 10bbl ferms and a 10bbl Brite.

    My thought is to put the brew system across from fermenter with central alley with as much room in alley as you can. Brites closest to brew system.

    Like a T. Brew system is the T. Central location for transfer to ferms and moving beer out of dead end alley to brites to can/bottle/keg closer to walk-in. It's real handy to not have to Daisy chain hoses.

    We have the ferms like you have them and it's tight and hard to really Clean in between ferms.

    Our plan is a half wall looking into fermenter alley and you can see brew system while keeping people out of brewery.

    Ultimately it's about makes the most sense production wise.

    Best of luck.

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    Is this building on a slab? You're going to want physical separation between your tanks and the patrons' grubby little fingers anyway, might as well pour a couple inches of concrete to create a slope in the tank area, with maybe a six inch "curb" around the edge to keep fluids off the pub floor, then the fence or half-wall or whatever gets mounted on the curb, and bob's your uncle.

    Heck, maybe even lose that wall between the tank area and the brewhouse, and have the added slope under the tanks cleanly meet the slope of the addition's floor? Although, at that point, you're probably better off going with jcmcdowell's "alley" layout and just running a long trench down the middle. You should really give this some serious thought – having all your equipment "facing" each other, and also "facing" the drain, will make your life a lot easier.

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