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Thread: Suggestions for a filter for a 2 BBL system

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    Suggestions for a filter for a 2 BBL system

    Hello folks. Right now we are currently using Biofine Clear at a rate of 40ml/bbl with respectable results on our 2 barrel system. I am interested in polishing our beer using a filter, most likely a plate and frame but not sure what is available on the market for this size. Does anyone have any suggestions for a filter? The smallest that I have seen, that is not on the homebrew scale, is a 20X20 plate and frame filter. Thank you for any suggestions.

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    For that size, I would look at cartridge filtration system rather than a plate & sheet filter, preferably a coarse, then fine ones depending mainly on what micro quality you are looking for - so 10 micron or coarser to start with, then probably down to a 5, then maybe a 1, possibly even a 0.45 if you want it to be "sterile". But don't forget to allow for backflushing / cleaning, which normally require flow rates of 150% + of design forward flow rate, and for effective deoxygenation of the whole system before filtering beer.

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