Hi, I am a brewer looking to move back to Europe, after having spent the last few years working as a brewer in China. I am proficient in virtually all brewery operations and am a quick learner. I am also adept at recipe and process analysis and improvement, as well as improving efficiency across the board.

I work at Boxing Cat Brewery as a Head Brewer, where I have been an active participant in the Chinese craft beer movement and supported and collaborated with several other craft brewers.

Boxing Cat Brewery is one of the first and the most internationally recognized microbreweries in China, with many achievements including prestigious medals in the world’s top craft beer competitions. We are also the first microbrewery in China to be purchased by AB InBev, which has allowed me to obtain many opportunities to expand my brewing knowledge and learn from ABI’s devotion to consistency and quality.

In addition to the skills learned while working for The Boxing Cat Brewery, I've also taken a Course in Brewing Technology with the Siebel Institute, the General Certificate in Brewing with the Institute Of Brewing and Distilling, and the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). I am currently studying for the IBD Diploma in Brewing, to continuously improve myself as well as further my passion for brewing.

I am not driven by money - I just want to be a part of something I feel passionate about. I'm looking to work at a brewery where I can obtain a deeper understanding of the brewing science and the scientific fundamentals.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please reach out! Email is preferred but a message on this forum post will also suffice.