After spending way too much time in the software industry. I've decided to turn my passion for craft beers into a hobby.

I have completed an internship through a local community college as a Journeyman Brewer. Part of this internship involved working a few days a week at some of the best Dallas area craft breweries: 3 Nations, Four Corners, Shannon, Lakewood, Oak Highlands, and Texas Ale Project. Unfortunately the breweries I interned at aren't in the hiring frame of mind at the moment, but I'm certain that the staff at any of them can vouch for my work ethic.

I've been a home brewer for approximately 20 years, so I have the basic knowledge base. I'm not going into this blind. I enjoyed my internship, as I found satisfaction in a hard days work doing something I loved.

Academically, I have a B.S. in computer science and a MS in software engineering, which aren't really relevant, but show that I do have some cognitive ability.

So how about it? Who needs an entry level type for their soon to be amazing brewery?

Resumes available upon request.