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Thread: Worried that water and grains wont fit for recipe. Help??

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    Worried that water and grains wont fit for recipe. Help??

    Making a full 3bbl batch for 1st time on system. Recipe calls for 127 gallons of strike water and 214 lbs of grain. The tun is 150 gallons. Seems like a lot of water and grains for that size tun. Can anyone tell, by this minimal info, if it will all fit? Close? Not close at all? Thanks

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    Use the “Can I Mash It?” calculator feature and it will tell the total volume your mash will take up:

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    Dry grain takes up about 0.09 gal/lb, so you'd be at 127 + 0.09*214 = 146 gal total volume. Whether you can work with it or not depends on whether that's the working volume of the tun or its total capacity.

    I'm assuming this is a multi-infusion mash? 150 gal is a huge tun for a 3 bbl system - we have a 230 gal working volume for our 7 bbl.
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    Your math looks wrong. 127 gal of strike water is too much for a 214 lb batch. For that grain size at a 1.25 qt./lb ratio you should be using about 67 gal of water. That will give you a mt loading of about 90 gal worth of mash. You should be fine.

    If you ever want to really push it you can always mash 2 times to fill the kettle.
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