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Thread: Inheriting reverse sloped floor drains

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    Inheriting reverse sloped floor drains

    We’re taking over a warehouse that had concrete floor drains installed eons ago. Magically, in spite of being internally sloped, they were laid in a concrete floor that, either through incompetence or settling, is now sloped away from the drain.

    My question is about resolving this issue by pouring/molding a new drain floor using epoxy or urethane or concrete to create a high spot at the back of the drain so it slopes to the outlet. Has anyone tried this? Is there a good way to do this? I’m trying to avoid jackhammering them out and relaying them. It’ll just be a cellar, no brew house, so I just need them to drain properly and handle temp swings and chemicals. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    How badly sloped away from the drain are they? I'm thinking floor jacking... Advertising Supporter

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    Feel free to call or email me. We have tons of options and solutions. We have fixed some of the ugliest areas with perfect success
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