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Thread: Air Compressor Configuration

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    Air Compressor Configuration

    I'm putting in an air compressor for the serving pumps and had some doubts about how to configure it before it arrives to the pump setup.

    I got a Metro DC11, double stage compressor that goes up to 156 psi with a 30-60 psi differential, a working pressure rating of 156 psi and a tank capacity of 275L. Overkill for 18 beer pumps, but the compressor has to go in a spot fairly near customers, so I don't want it to have to run all that often. I also may later need to use the compressor to wash kegs too.

    I've got a micro-mist filter and air filter to put in line. I've never setup a compressor, but was planning to run the hose from the main regulator on the compressor to the wall, then have it run through another regulator, then to the micro-mist filter, then to the air filter, then entering into a cold room and meeting a new regulator before going to each pump (18 pumps, 6 for each trunk line to each tower). I've never even seen a micro-mist filter before now too, it just randomly came with my DME kit so I figured it might as well go with the air compressor.

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    Massive overkill. I run eight beer pumps off a single 2 gal contractor's compressor--the oilless pancake style. I chose the one I bought for sound--like your set-up, it's close to the serving area. The compressor is located in the beer cooler. It runs for a few minutes at a time depending on demand.

    Use a primary regulator at the exit of your compressor reservoir. I like to set the primary to ~125 for safety's sake. Run a 1/2" line--PEX works great--to your cooler, then use a two-outlet secondary regulator mounted about halfway between the beer pumps. Make a loop of the line to the pumps so that all are a bout equidistant from the reg.

    Our beer pumps--Flojet--are all plastic construction, so not terribly sensitive to moisture in the drive air.
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