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Thread: Yeast Pitch for a 1BBL Batch

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    Yeast Pitch for a 1BBL Batch

    We used to get a great deal from a yeast lab on homebrew packs to direct pitch and now they stopped selling to us at wholesale so I'm looking for new yeast options.

    Getting a larger pitch from any of the yeast labs seem to be about as expensive as going to the homebrew shop and buying a bunch of homebrew packs. Are there any nano breweries out there that have run into this same problem? We use dry yeast for some of our beers, but would like to be able to continue using the liquid strain that we've been using. I've considered buying equipment for making starters, but time is at a premium right now and would prefer a direct pitch option that doesn't break the bank.

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    Do you have a relationship with a homebrew store around you? Maybe the homebrew store would be willing to put in yeast orders with you for fresh homebrew packs. They could order extra for you from wyeast for example and it’s usually 2 day shipping if I remember right.

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