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Thread: Crow capper problem rotary holdefleiss/bavaria capper.

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    Crow capper problem rotary holdefleiss/bavaria capper.

    If someone have any advice on this o would be very happy

    We use an old holdefleiss filler with integrated capper (16 filling tubes, 4 crownimg heads). Just started to run the machine. Filling works very good after some adjustments. Capping though...

    3 of the heads seem fine. The last one every second time loads 1,5 crowns in the head and therfore jams it. The heads look almost identical and i cant see any morphological reason to why this happen.
    The crown guide slide seem ok but the space between the bottom slite plate and the celing of the crown slide guide look a bit high and therefore sometimes the following crowns climbs a bit on top of the crown just ahed of it. I think this just happens when the fauwlty head is not loading crowns correct though so I dont think the guide is the problem.

    The crowns are pushed in with an air jet and the crown seat in the head seem to hold the crowns with small magnets integrated in the side of the crown slot in the head. The crown holding space thouch seem to be a bit big. On vertical i would actually fit 2 crowns.

    My thoughts are:
    1. The magnets are whorn out so that the crown not sits hard enought. Since the space is larger than a crown, if it "tips" down, There will be space enough for the next crown to slide in in top of the first one.
    2. The size of the cap holding pocket is just to large. If it had a lower ceiling it wouldnt be able to load more than just one cap. On the other hand, this machine has workt for many years in another location so I dont see why the size of the crown slot should have ever been a problem...

    Maybe hard do visualize my problem?
    Sending a picture to help you understand.
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