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Thread: Falconer's flight not the same as it used to be?

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    Falconer's flight not the same as it used to be?

    We just got a box of falconer's flight in after 6 months or so not using them. We used to use them very extensively back in 2013-2015. We did an evaluation with the pellets and they seem like a totally different hop blend than 2-3 years ago. anyone else notice this?

    I used to get a tropical/papaya/juicy fruit gum character from them. Now what im smelling is more similar to EKG than anything, very spicy and mellow.

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    We still use a fair amount of FF in our classic IPA. We recently tossed a couple bags due to lackluster aroma, but we attributed that to oxidation, although there weren't any visible tears or pinholes in those bags. 2 of 4 bags in a 44lb box were lackluster and that was the only time we have encountered that with FF.

    Overall, we still get similar fruit aromas/flavors that you were describing. Often we claim peach/apricot aromas in both the hops and fresh beer and the pellets' intensity is usually on point with the Simcoe we open up next to it.

    Could just be a bad seam or pinholes in the bag? It is unfortunate that they are so tight-lipped on Falconer's Flight, it's like nobody wants to even field a question about whether the blend has changed, just that it's proprietary!

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