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Thread: Absolute filtration of yeast (but not bacteria)

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    Absolute filtration of yeast (but not bacteria)

    I'm trying to source a filter that will remove all yeast, but not filter any more tightly than that. Basically an absolute/membrane filtration of 3-4 microns. Mechanism of a sterile filter but with a bigger pore size. NOT a depth filter.

    Who can provide something like that?

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    I would speak to Pall or Parker filtration (I am sure there are others as well) But membrane filtration will have to be the final stage, so you will want depth filtration first to remove the large lumps as unless fined absolutely bright beforehand, the pores will block so rapidly you might as well have shut a valve in the pipeline. The only membranes that work for large volumes are the cross flow systems, and they rely on much finer pore sizes to ensure the beer is bright - I accept probably far brighter than you are looking for, though if removing yeast, there will not be much else particulate left anyway.

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