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Thread: Cellarperson/Asst. Brewer needed-Las Vegas area brewery

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    Cellarperson/Asst. Brewer needed-Las Vegas area brewery

    Joseph James Brewing Company in Henderson NV (like Vegas, only better smelling and less loud) is looking for the right candidate to fill some incredibly large boots.
    We’re a small production brewery going into our 10th year of existence, and the last seven years have been great! More on those first three later. Email resume to if interested!

    Some experience in a brewery or production setting preferred, Schooling doesn’t hurt either. Just know how to operate a tri-clamp and understand that pressure and chemicals can kill you, and we’re all good.

    Job Duties:
    -An ever-changing slew of cellarwork, including but not limited to: Tank CIP/SIP, dry hopping/fruiting tanks, fining, transferring finished beer, yeast harvesting/counting, ATP swabs, trub dumps, temperature adjustments, taking routine gravity/pH readings and maintaining records, occasionally filtering, etc.
    -Assisting Head Brewer in any way necessary (you can keep your clothes on, we’d actually prefer it)
    -Participating in meetings and taste panels
    -Occasionally work on canning line or cleaning/filling kegs

    -Can work on feet for 8-10 hours in both hot and cold conditions (mostly hot)
    -Can repeatedly lift 55 lbs to shoulders and 175 lbs to pallet height
    -Can work in a noisy environment
    -Can squat, dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge
    -Operate all cellar equipment safely and efficiently
    -Follow safety protocols and SOP’s religiously
    -Take almost absurdly diligent notes (seriously, our head brewer gets way cranky about that)
    -Work well with others and have a strong sense of humor
    -Don’t cut corners or do anything sketchy that could compromise beer quality
    -A good problem solver with an ability to contribute to the evolution of the cellar department
    -A clear communicator who knows when to ask for help
    -Have some sort of mechanical aptitude
    -Have an ability to multitask and prioritize effectively

    In return, we will give you…

    Money! Health and Dental Benefits! 401K options! Merch! Dank stories about our humble beginnings! Beer!
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