This probably isn't the best post to start my ProBrewer "forum career" with, but it's just some idle curiosity I was hoping to get some insight on. A brewpub I recently got hired on at purchased a Blichmann 3.5 BBL Pro Series brewhouse, along with three 3.5 BBL FVs. They were assembled to match the schematic drawings and website pictures, but something is puzzling me a little. On the bottom of the CIP arm, there's a tee with a dial gauge that terminates at a 1.5" TC flare. On the end of that TC flare, there's a ball valve and quick disconnect with a barb fitting.

At all the other breweries I've worked at, the FV CIP arm terminated in a ball valve with a TC flare and a ball or butterfly valve attached, whether there was a dial gauge or not. Wouldn't it be easier to attach an end cap to the end of the CIP arm, then take it off for CIP? We typically used the CO2 outlet for fermentation blowoff since the takeover was higher up, due to having no CIP ball. I figured I'd shoot Blichmann a question to see why they have things set up this way but haven't heard back yet after a few days. I appreciate any input, thanks.