Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, LLC 2018

Position: Packaging technician
Reports to: Director of Manufacturing

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha was established in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado as the first top shelf kombucha company in the world. Brewed with Colorado Snowmelt and infused with herbs, mushrooms and adaptogens, Rowdy Mermaid makes the highest quality products available in the market. Since 2014, Rowdy Mermaid continues to double and triple in size annually. Our growth strategy translates into added responsibilities for our core team in order to build a stronger, more mailable workforce of dedicated employees.

All of our employees share a common set of values - Integrity, Intensity, Innovation and Involvement. Our ability to grow year after year is driven by our ability to attract, develop and retain world-class people who thrive in our busy environment and share in our desire to improve our world by enabling our customers to make the healthier choices.

The Packaging Technician is responsible for a wide range of tasks and responsibilities dedicated to the purpose of securing the output of our number one product: Non-alcoholic kombucha. Because Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha operates an FDA facility and has a dedication to cGMPs and SOPS centered on ensuring a safe and sane workplace, the number one responsibility for any employee is to not only ensure an auditable workplace, but to show the company a mindset of continual improvement. For packaging, this translates to, but is not limited to, the following tasks.


Work with the packaging team

Bottling Kombucha
Canning Kombucha in the future
Kegging Kombucha
Cleaning Kegs
Cleaning Tanks
Keep accurate records
Maintain accurate and auditable packaging logs
Maintain accurate and auditable cleaning logs
Understanding of brewery equipment
Ability to operate common equipment used in the brewing process
Ability to troubleshoot and fix common equipment issues
Know the cleaning schedule of the all equipment
Understand and help in preventive maintenance schedules
Understand all general brewery and brewing specific SOPs
Understand cGMPS for the Rowdy Mermaid facilities, especially where packaging is concerned
Operate forklift, pallet jack, pumps, filters, hoses, bottle rinsers and any equipment related to packaging
Work on production line
Maintain first in, first out procedures
Know proper storage and handling of all organic ingredients
Maintain overall cleanliness of brewing facility
Must know chemical regimes and processes for all cleaning procedures including carb stone management
Strip test all chemical regimes (e.g. pH testing CIP rinse water) while maintaining accurate and auditable records for the FDA, State and Third Party auditors
Help maintain order of all brewing equipment including but not limited to totes, kettles, tanks, buckets, containers and appliances
Know and maintain weekly/monthly/quarterly preventive maintenance schedule for brewing equipment
Must clearly understand and practice storing of equipment, including cleaning of all hoses, pumps, totes, tanks, tools and parts
Pertinent equipment must be kept clean, sanitized and any issues reported to superiors
Help foster a positive atmosphere
Maintain first in first out with all packaged products
Clearly understand the reasoning and spirit behind cGMPS and factory SOPs in order to assist in audits and audit prep
Understand SOPs and standards for transfer and carbonating product effectively
Perform weekly/monthly inventory and understand and report all issues related to inventory

Must be able to stand for extended periods as needed
Must be able to lift 50+ lbs on a regular basis
Bottling line problem solving
Gain an understanding of the kombucha brewing process
Gain and maintain an understanding of company values
Be an advocate for the brand


Performance Standards
Maintaining cleanliness and maintenance of brewing equipment including brite tanks, fermenters, pumps, totes and recipe equipment in accord to SOP’s and maintenance logs.

Production tasks including but not limited to: kegging, working the bottling line, filling brite tanks according to production schedule

Brewing starter and finished product without error and on schedule, ensuring the final product has been produced in accordance with QC timeframes to ensure we are producing a safe and delicious product. This pertains to properly flavoring end product and the management and production of flavors.

Proper record keeping kept to auditable standards

Facilities & Equipment kept clean to auditable standards,

Maintaining positive attitude

Positive attitude
Acute attention to detail
Be able to take direction
Self starter
Be a problem solver always maintaining an attitude of continual improvement
Move at a fast, safe pace
Go above and beyond standard expectations
Be an example professionalism all times; after all, you are heart of the product
Expertise: All employees are asked to gain a basic understanding of brewing science and our manufacturing process so that as a brand ambassador you embody and reflect the Rowdy Mermaid brand persona (defined as passionate expertise in our field.)
Conation: This is an extension of the golden rule (Treat others as you wish to be treated) and goes further by asking that we “Treat people the way they want to be treated.”
Go to the source. What does this mean? When interpersonal issues arrive, every effort will be made to communicate directly, openly, and compassionately with the person involved and limit gossip. We understand that venting sessions with external parties is toxic to a small and interconnected workplace.
You are eligible for the following benefits the first of the month following a 90 day probation period.
Participation in company’s Health Insurance once plan is instated
PTO - 1.67 hours is accrued per payroll giving an annual total of 40 hours for the year
One free birthday day in the month of your birthday, not coming out of PTO
Paid holidays - New Years Day. Memorial Day. Fourth of July. Thanksgiving + day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (a list will be provided with exact dates)

To apply please Email resumes to