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Thread: ISO Brewer/Cellar position in North Texas area

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    Cool ISO Brewer/Cellar position in North Texas area

    In July 2018 I completed an internship through a local (Dallas, TX) community college as a Journeyman Brewer. Part of this internship involved volunteering a few days a week at some of the best Dallas area craft breweries: 3 Nations, Four Corners, Shannon, Lakewood, Oak Highlands, and Texas Ale Project. I was involved in everything from cellar work (CIP, keg cleaning), packaging, yeast management, to assisting in brewing.

    Unfortunately the breweries I interned at aren't in the hiring frame of mind at the moment, but I'm certain that the staff at any of them can vouch for my work ethic. I'm interested at getting my foot in the door with any type of brewery position because, hey, you have to start somewhere.

    I'm an avid homebrewer with 20+ years under my belt. I'm also a member of the North Texas Homebrewers Association.

    Resumes available upon request.

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    We could probably use a hand or two soon. We're located in Deep Ellum. Drop me an email: Art at WestlakeBeer dot com.
    - Art

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