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Thread: Efficient but cheap starter

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    Efficient but cheap starter


    I'm trying to get good results making starter for 8.5bbl wort.
    Sometimes I'm able to harvest from the fermentor but the high gravity beers seems to be harder to recycle...

    What would be the best way?


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    I know it's not quite what you're asking, but, you should be able to plan your production schedule such that you always have a reasonably fresh pitch of yeast available. A nice, low-to-moderate-hops and -gravity beer should produce enough slurry for at least two pitches (I've heard of places that regularly get four!), and that slurry should still be fresh and viable for several days, up to a week or two if you don't mind throwing in a little extra slurry to account for loss in viability. This does mean you have to plan far enough ahead to space out your big beers with smaller beers interspersed to propagate your yeast, but, hey, welcome to professional brewing, we all spend far more time crunching calendars than crunching recipes.

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