Hard-working, educated brewer with five years of professional experience. Seeking opportunities in the Northeast/New England areas. More specifically interested in ME, VT, NH, and upstate NY.

During my time in the beer industry, I have had the pleasure to work in breweries ranging from 1,500 barrels to 40,000 barrels a year. Throughout that time, I have gained skills that have helped me become proficient in all aspects of the brewing process from recipe development, brewing/cellaring, sour/clean barrel aging, filtration, and packaging. I've also management experience in handling raw material & packaged product inventory, scheduling and oversight of personnel, and keeping production running smoothly. In starting and running my own small business over the last two years, I've also cultivated a work ethic dependent upon being a self-starter and a critical thinker.

Looking to find myself in a production management/head brewing opportunities where I can not only continue to grow in my passion of making great beer, but also to leverage my experiences and knowledge to help a company continue its upward trajectory, and to help create and cultivate a great work culture that is built on integrity, honesty, and stewardship. My ideal opportunity would be a company that values crafting quality beer, a company ethos built on a spirit of camaraderie, in a place that would provide a quality of life for myself and my family.

Please feel free to reach out for resume at spurlock.rion@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you!