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Thread: Anybody Dryhopping with t-45 Pellets?

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    Post Anybody Dryhopping with t-45 Pellets?

    I have recently tried dry-hopping some of my beers with t-45 pellets instead of the usual t-90 and have been having issues with hop burn in all of them. Does anybody else have this issue? Is using t-45 pellets in the FV a bad idea?

    I do no filtration so it is difficult to get rid of once in the BBT. Biofine helps a bit but the burn is still noticeable to me. I have had no problems with my t-90 dryhops and t-45 works just fine in the kettle.

    Any info/help would be greatly appreciated,

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    T45 Dryhopping

    Can you elaborate on hop Burn, I haven’t heard this term before. I regularly dryhop with CryoHops, which although is different than T45, has a reduced fraction of vegetal material similar to T45. Thanks

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    Prefer t45's for dry hop, myself. Less vegetation.

    One of our dry hops in particular, Mosaic, gives me a wierd 'mintiness' with t90's, I find. I find the t45's diminish that greatly for me. Anecdotal. Your mileage may vary.


    Liam McKenna

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