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Thread: Sorachi feedback

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    Sorachi feedback

    I just received a bag of Sorachi pellets and am looking for any feedback on this hop particularly in IPA's a s a sole hop. The only thing I have seen is a comment that it tastes like Lemon Pledge! I was planning on using it as a flavor and aroma for an IPA but now Im nervous......
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    Hey BigWilley contact Nodding Head in Philly, they did a double IPA with sorachi hops.

    From what little I have seen,heard and unfortunately never tasted it's a distinct lemon character.
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    OK here is a reply to the Sorachi hop. Not really a commercial variety that you would see in the trade. Personally I have never seen it. See that Freshhops sells some. Bottom line is there are always something new to try. Main thing to keep in mind is what kind of supply there is. Right now we sell about 50 different kinds of hops and having a proper inventory of each is quite frankly a nightmare to keep up with. The larger the inventory, I find generally the easier it is to deal with, but everything is relative. We have small amounts for example of CZ Sladek, CZ Premiant, GR Saphire, Polish Marynka, UK Boadicea to name a few that most people might not heard of. If someone wanted a box or two of pellets, no problem. If you wanted a couple of pallets, that might get a little difficult. If you wanted say 10,000 lbs, I couldn't do it. Always a big decision to add new hops to our price list mainly because of inventory concerns.

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    I did a IPA that used 100% sorachi ace just to get a decent idea as to how they taste and work as hops. Very clean bitterness from them. Put them up there with Magnum, simcoe and nugget. If you want a clean bittering hop go with them. I brewed 10 gallons and I used 4 oz for flavor and aroma (no dry hopping) and I got a very strong lemon citrus flavor from it. It was almost too overpowering at first but after a few weeks it actually toned down and became very tasty.

    I took a keg of it to a party and a lot of people enjoyed it. Called it Lightening Lemon IPA.
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