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Thread: DME & Newlands In Receivership: Another Significant Loss to the Brewery Industry

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    DME & Newlands In Receivership: Another Significant Loss to the Brewery Industry

    Portland Kettle Works has always valued DME and Newlands as top-line competitors. We are greatly saddened by the loss to the industry, and to our personal relationships. Whenever we competed, we knew that we were in good company. This news came as a surprise to us, but we wish their employees and customers our very best.

    The PKW Team

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    That is a real shock! Newlands expecially, they had great equipment.

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    Invest soundly. Feel secure. Choose Specific.

    We echo the sentiments of PKW. The craft brewing industry in North America has experienced a week filled with surprise, questions and even uncertainty regarding the status of brewery equipment manufacturers. We wanted to let you know that Specific Mechanical Systems is here for you. With a management team focused on strong fiscal policy and ensuring the success of our customers, our business has never been better.

    To the established breweries who now face equipment supplier issues, and to the new start-up breweries who are faced with stresses related to the uncertainty of recent or pending equipment orders, we offer our help. We will do everything we can to meet your timeline and will provide the best pricing possible for your equipment needs. To our customers unaffected by the recent events, we thank you for your continued support.

    Please call us today to discuss how we can support.

    250 652 2111

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    Established in 1979
    Ripley Stainless is a strong, family owned purely Canadian company that is here to stay. CHOOSE LOCAL-GO CANADIAN. Ripley Stainless Ltd. would like to extend their hand for those affected by the unfortunate events that have unfolded over the last few weeks, and let you know that we are here for you. Ripley Stainless will continue to work hard to provide competitive pricing and high quality products. In an effort to assist those affected by the recent uncertainty, Ripley Stainless offers flexible payment terms and a current delivery timeline of 3-4 mos. Ripley's proudly maunfactures ALL of their tanks and brew system in Canada and are dedicated to doing our part to support our Canadian economy. Please call us today to see how we can help. #canadian #chooselocal


    Wayne Ripley
    1-250-494-9310 ext 103

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