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Thread: Vanilla Options

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    Vanilla Options

    we have used chopped up whole beans in the past, cold side with great results in stouts, takes a few days.
    looking for another option....

    anyone have thoughts about the paste an/or powdered vanilla?

    little different this time around, got 5 bbl or kettle sour that we want to do a little creamsicle thingee with, vanilla and orange.
    need something to come through and "cream" things up with being artificial tasting or overpowering.

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    We use double fold vanilla extract with great success in many different beers. 2 ounces per bbl gives good vanilla flavor. 3 ounces per bbl gives a vanilla forward flavor.

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    Check out Savory Spice shop.

    I use this in a orange creamsicle. Cream ale with orange and vanilla served on nitro. Pretty sure it’s around 35ml / keg.

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