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Thread: Compressed Air filtration

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    Compressed Air filtration

    Hi all, I am trying to find an affordable option for antimicrobial (0.01micron) filtration from our compressor to our keg washer. I am new at the brewery and there had historically been returned bad kegs. My first thought was dirty air used for blow out of kegs during wash cycles. So I checked, and sure enough there is not even a basic dryer on the air line. Any suggestions that aren't in the 100's of euros? The compressor operating pressure is 12bar. Many thanks in advance!

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    Were you able to find a solution? I’m super interested.
    I’ve been pointed toward ATLAS COPCO LF 4 kw/ cuve 250 litres/sécheur frigorifique + filtre stérile for 6500 € HT + installation and piping (~2500 €).
    I can’t spend 10k for my air compressor need tbh

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