I am currently seeking opportunities as a Manager-level Brewer. I hold an International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the World Brewing Academy as well as a Bachelors in Business Administration. I have over a decade in the industry and have spent the last 7 plus years in the role of Head Brewer/Brewmaster/Director of Operations. I am also looking into MBA programs that will further advance my abilities in project management. I have worked in both the production and brewpub sides of the Industry and carry a vast array of knowledge from start-ups to daily operations. I currently run a 20 bbl system with a large Barrel aging program. I have won over 50 medals in the last 7 years one among them is a Brewer of the Year award at the Great American Beer Festival. I have a passion for the industry and am looking to bring my experiences to a new project. Please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to chat.