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Thread: NA beer dry hop

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    NA beer dry hop

    OK I submit myself to ridicule from the start. I have a bar guest that can longer drink alcohol. NA beer is ok however. She asked me what I could do to an NA beer to improve it. My first suggestion was drowning moles but as I thaught about it, why not dry hop it in an HS. Buy a keg of NA and rack into a bung keg and add some hops. WHat the hell why not? Any suggestions?

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    Get some C02 extracted hop emulsion and dose her glass with an eye-dropper.
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    I don't think adding hop flavor is really going to make the cut.
    Alcohol does make beer taste what it is. even if she loves hop, it still just won't taste like beer!

    but if you are to go down this road, I will have to agree with David... use hop extract and dose in her glass. Unless you really have a high demand for NA beer, a keg of NA beer is quite high cost. the extra handling and dry hopping will probably only decrease its shelf life (it's NA beer we are talking about here!)

    how about Radler??
    basically 50:50 beer:lemon soda. quite popular in Germany.
    with the lemon soda, it tastes more like a soft drink than beer... maybe it would help the NA taste?

    by the way, most NA beer still have 0.5% alcohol in it... if she cannot drink alcohol, for medical reasons, she probably shouldn't be drinking much NA beer either...

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    Correct me if i am wrong, but isn't it the alcohol that acts as a solvent to extract the hop oil when you dry hop? Also CO2 hop extract is very, very, thick and sticky and probally would not even dillute into a cold beer. I think Gueniss makes a NA beer that is more suited for beer drinkers that actually enjoy beer with flavor. Or maybe talk to the guy promoting the "Final Touch" product.

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    I've got a friend that homebrews NA. I'm sure everyone is coughing right now when I say this but over the years he has tweaked the process and made some really good NA stout. He brings it by sometimes to the pub and we'll drink a gallon of beer while working and never get sleepy, dumb, or hungover. It's pretty cool.

    You could take a normal beer and cook the alcohol out of 5 gallons and throw in in a 6th barrel to keep a NA on tap. Without alcohol NAs have a decreased shelf life which make full size batches impractical.

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    What about those hop extracts you see in homebrew shops? I know guys use those to dose individual pints. Even if they are alcohol extractions the amount from an eyedropper would be negligible.You would have a customer for life and probably attract a few new ones!
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