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Thread: Oxidised key kegs

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    Oxidised key kegs


    We are getting some keykegs back that are oxidised. Normal steel kegs stay stable. It seems as if we are pushing some air into them.
    We are filling manually, bring beer forward to the filling head, spray with iso, attach to the keg, turn it around, rest it on a platform and slowly fill it.

    Does someone have any ideas? Maybe there is not a 100% vakuum in the bag and therefore some air remaining in them.


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    There is in fact air that remains in the bag of the keykeg. You should inject CO2 or N2 into the bag and vacuum it out a few times before filling to avoid oxidation. We have a keg filler that does this. Doing so manually would be complicated, but could probably be achieved with a second keykeg coupler with the check (non-return) valve removed from the beer side. You would plug the keg with this coupler. Inject some of the neutral gas. Then, let the gas escape from the beer side of the coupler. After repeating this process a few times, you should be all set. Be careful to not depressurize the gas side before starting to fill, or you won't have any pressure to help you push the gas back out of the bag.

    Hope this helps,


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