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Thread: Low pressure tank suggestions

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    Low pressure tank suggestions

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know of any stainless steel, jacketed tanks that can handle some pressure (around 5psi) but not rated for up to the typical 15-30psi range?

    I’ve looked at closed top jacketed wine fermenters but the ones I’ve found can’t really even handle 1psi. The reason I am looking for a lower pressure tank is that I am wanting to do bottle conditioned beers and would like to push the beer with CO2 to a gravity bottle filler thus not wanting to pay the high cost for the standard 15-30psi pressure rated unitanks. If anyone knows of any low pressure, jacketed tanks that might work that would be very helpful.....and I am totally comfortable with “frankenbrew” style equipment so the tanks don’t even have to be originally intended for brewery use :-)

    Thank you
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