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Thread: Looking for brewery strength smart watch

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    Looking for brewery strength smart watch

    Letís face it we all stick our hands in things that are pretty tough. I am looking for a smart watch that will endure the brewery life,connect to my iPhone and let me know when I get a text or email. I really donít need to talk to my wrist or read anything on my watch. I have a phone for that but, itís so noisy I canít hear my messages come thru. Any ideas from the crew
    Mike Eme

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    Look at the Garmin Fenix. It is really made for runners but with the right wristband
    I have no other experience but it is working fine for me

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    I wear an older Apple watch. I'm not a full-time brewer but it has held up good. That being said, i havent submerged my watch into 180f caustic either. I worried most that the face would get scratched at my real job but it hasnt. The only issue was when i was putting it on one morning and i dropped it on my tile floor. Two weeks and $99 later it was like new.


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    Best brewery Smart Watch

    Highly recommend the Samsung Gear Sport.
    First watch I've owned that has lasted a full year.

    Get a protective glass cover for the face.
    I cracked the cover bartending, not brewing. Haven't replaced it yet but works fine.

    I submerge it regularly in hot/cold/pbw/paa/iodine/grain.
    Relatively lightweight.
    I needed a watch with an analog face. I wanted diver style bezel. The watch's bezel doen't function that way but better yet I've downloaded a timer app designed for kitchens. It has 10+ timers. Notifications/texts from my Iphone are extremely handy. When my hands are in gloves/wet, I can easily swipe the face with my nose.

    The band is interchangeable but I strictly use the rubber working and occasionally put a metal band on for dress.

    Can't recommend it enough. Neighbor got the G3, super classy looking.

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