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Thread: Long time Brewer looking for management position

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    Long time Brewer looking for management position

    20 years of experience doing everything from brewpubs to large production breweries. I'm well versed in recipe creation for any style of beer. I have experience with barrel fermentation and aging, ciders, cask-conditioned ales, and much more.
    I'm looking for either consulting (specializing in start-ups) or a full-time permanent position.
    Prefer to stay in the Great Lakes area.
    Please PM me for resume and info.

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    I am working on starting a new micro-brewery in Metro-Detroit and can use the experience of an industry veteran to help us get off the ground. We are looking for a consultant who can help with everything from ordering our brewing equipment, formulating recipes, training staff, and running test brews. If this is something you think you would be interested and where you can add value, send me an email at:

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