Job Description:
The Head Brewer oversees all aspects of the brewery operation while maintaining company policies and ensures product meets our standards of the highest quality. This is a full time, year around job.
General duties:
-complete brewing process in a safe and manner. This includes but not limited to mashing, lautering, wort boiling, cooling, filtering and transferring.
-oversee and supervise asst. brewer
-maintaining the use of standard operating procedures
-monitoring daily fermentations and all other cellaring operations
-having knowledge in all areas of brewery operations
-can communicate effectively to co-workers
-maintain cleanliness of all areas in the brew house and all areas of brewery facility
-oversee and complete production from grain to brite tank and grain to bottle
-oversee all packaging, bottling and kegging
-follow all inventory procedures for all raw materials, chemicals, beer, cooperage, ingredients and packaging supplies
-represent Shipwrecked Brew Pub at events and promote food public relations
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