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Thread: Biochemist looking for QC/Lab work (Charlotte,NC)

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    Biochemist looking for QC/Lab work (Charlotte,NC)


    I am on track to graduate spring/early summer 2019 with a Masters in Chemistry and am looking to get into the brewing industry doing quality control/lab work.
    I am currently in a biochemistry lab, but have 4+ years of working in production level labs including environmental labs as well as the clinical chemistry branch at the CDC in Atlanta,GA.
    Some skills that I have include:
    - GC-MS
    - HPLC
    - LC-MS
    - Wet chemistry techniques
    - Microbiology techniques (protein expression, PCR/cloning,etc)

    I have also been homebrewing for 7 years (50+ batches brewed) and am a certified BJCP judge as well and I routinely judge competitions. I have a full resume and references to send if there is interest. I am currently located in Charlotte,NC, and would prefer to stay in the NC area if possible and specifically western NC (Brevard, Asheville, etc.) but am open to other possibilities. I am looking for work in late May/early June of 2019.
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