Dear Breweries/Brewpubs/Small Batch Brewery/Start-up Brewery,

My name is Sabino and i'd like to work for an international brewery.

I have approximately 6 years of experience using nano, micro brewing systems (from 1bbl to 10bbl).

I'm able to:
  • Operating and managing a 10bbl brewhouse and cellar
  • Product conceptualization and recipe development
  • Managing all production, cellaring, and packaging schedules
  • Leading, coaching, training, and assisting all production staff
  • Participating with brewery staff in all production processes
  • Development and maintenance of SOPs
  • Maintaining safety compliance requirements
  • Ensuring and measuring quality and consistency
  • Management and inventory of raw materials and brewery supplies
  • Maintenance of accurate production records
  • Management of both raw material and finished goods inventories
  • Budgeting and cost controlling
  • Continuous improvement of brewery operations
  • Researching and implementing industry trends and compliance initiatives
  • On-call availability, including occasional weekends, when production needs require it

I'm interested in relocating in EU, US, ASIA, OCEANIA

I hope to get in touch with a serious brewery that is looking for a person that can be an hard-worker, a honest person, a faithful employee.

I can provide with my personal RESUME.

If you want to get in touch: