Gladstone Brewing Company is looking for an energetic, hard working individual who would like to join our Brewing Operations Team. This position will include brewing beer, delivering beer up and down Vancouver Island, packaging beer, quality control, and cleaning and maintenance of all brewing equipment. The ideal candidate will have a passion for the Craft Beer industry, have a proven track record of working hard, and an eager enthusiasm for learning the ins and outs of the beer.

This position will include the following duties:

Making beer on our 15bbl brewhouse. Our beer is brewed to the highest standard and requires meticulous attention to detail. Brewing tasks include milling in grain, stirring and mixing the mash, maintaining exact temperatures throughout the process, boiling and adding hops to the wort, and cleaning and sanitizing all liquid transfer lines.

Quality Control:
Quality control starts at the beginning of the brewing process and is not complete until the beer is in the customer’s hand. Duties include measuring cleanliness of the entire brewing process, using the lab microscope to count and test yeast cell health, measuring CO2 levels in the beer, and testing beers using our library stock.

Gladstone packages beer in kegs (50L and 20L) and cans (473ml). This process happens after our Quality Control systems have given the beer a passing grade for consumption. Kegging requires cleaning and sanitizing all beer transfer lines and filling kegs on our manual keg filling machine. The kegs are then stored at 3 degrees Celsius in our walk in cool while they await transport to a customer. Canning requires the same cleaning steps as kegging, and utilizes our semi-automatic canning machine where we package and palletize our finished cans for sale.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
One of the major tasks for this position is cleaning and maintaining the entire brewery operation. All beer must be made and stored in a completely sanitized environment, and there is absolutely no room for error. Cleaning is a constant part of brewing, where we must clean and sanitize all brewing equipment, all fermenters and brite tanks, all kegs, and all transfer lines.

The final aspect of this position is deliveries. Gladstone delivers kegs and cans throughout Vancouver Island. We are also in the process of expanding our capacity, so deliveries are becoming a major part of the operations. As the delivery person, you will work with our sales reps to plan and deliver beer, drive the company delivery vehicle, and load and unload our product at our many restaurants, pubs, and liquor stores. As a representative delivering our product, we expect the best customer service and a professional attitude and decorum. Deliveries will generally happen on Thursdays and Fridays of every week, and you must be able to lift 65kg to waist height.

Preferably 1+ year experience working in a brewery or related field.