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Thread: Do UK short-term educational/networking conferences, courses, or internships exist?

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    Do UK short-term educational/networking conferences, courses, or internships exist?

    Dear brewing brothers and sisters,

    I am looking for a short term professional development/networking/educational opportunity in the UK, similar to the MBAA or Brewer's Association conferences and events that we enjoy over here in the states. Or short, practical courses in brewing science, lab technique, etc, of no more than a week or so in duration. Or any sort of hands-on internship or work-for-free opportunity at an obliging traditional UK brewery.

    My goal is to deepen my knowledge and understanding of brewing science and practice, from a perspective informed by traditional UK brewing practices, so that I can improve and perfect the UK style beers we are brewing at my brewpub, and implement a very authentic cask ale program. I'd like to have the opportunity to learn about and experience these ales in their native habitat directly from the people that brew and love them, without the sometimes biased or skewed impressions we get of these beers as filtered through the American craft beer scene. I know I'm swimming upstream in the age of New England IPA, but we are having great success with our best bitter since I revamped it recently, and I'd like to continue to challenge our patrons to appreciate more UK beer styles.

    I'm having a hard time finding good leads on any kind of brewers' professional gatherings or continuing education opportunities, of which we seem to have so many in the USA. While ideally I'd love to find a conference, course, or internship specifically oriented towards traditional UK brewing or cellarmanship, any professional opportunity that furthers my brewing knowledge and gives me a chance to meet and interact with the UK scene would be brilliant. Even the chance to donate free labor and shadow/work for a week at a traditional brewery.

    Anyone have any info, leads, contacts, or connections?


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    Have a look at the IBD training material for GCB, which is all on-line, though currently with a few mistakes which will hopefully be sorted out in the rewrite which is about to start.

    Alternatively, there are a couple of people running IBD GCB content based courses. See Brewschool, Tim O'Rourke (brilliant beer co) for short IBD courses

    If you want something longer, have a look at BrewLab in Sunderland

    If you are a member of SIBA, then there you can go along to the IBD sessions around the country. If you go along to these, there are invariably a number of consultants, plus other micro brewers usually turn up.

    Murphys in Nottingham run a few courses, and there are occasional sessions at Nottingham university.

    If you want to PM me, I can supply a few more details of most of these.

    Anything specific you are looking for? Where are you living / working?

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