I am a head brewer with 7 years of industry experience. Additionally I have lots of startup know how, and a very keen mind for mechanical issues and scheduling.

I have been involved with every aspect of brewery operations in pub and production scale breweries. Packaging, brewing, tax reporting, social media/marketing, modifying/creating SOPs and in depth quality analysis. Additionally, cell counts, yeast propagation, plating, and managing sensory panels are skills that I could put to good use at your brewery.

Additionally, I've recently overseen the export of beer to the United States for national distribution. Being able to produce a beer that can survive a month long sea voyage with minimal impact on flavor and aroma has been no small QA/QC feat, and reviews have been good.

Working at several startup breweries has taught me to train fellow employees, create comprehensive SOPs, and establish effective safety habits to avoid problems before they arise. Helping these startups grow from the ground up has emphasized the importance of putting these systems into place early so that growth doesn't force expensive or abrupt adjustments to be made. All breweries experience growing pains and I am grateful that I've had the privilege to learn how to deal with expansion bottlenecks from the top down.

As far as what I can brew?

I can manage barrel programs, clean and mixed culture fermentations, Ales, Lagers, you name it. I'm equally comfortable designing something traditional as I am putting together an off the wall fruited brett IPA. I also have experience with distillation both with aged products like whiskey, and younger products like white rum and gin.

The bigger awards I have won are:
Gold- Asia Beer Championship
Silver- Brussels Beer Challenge
Bronze- Great American Beer Festival

Ideally I am not looking to relocate back to the US anytime soon.