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Thread: GW Kent gas valves

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    GW Kent gas valves

    Our brewery recently bought some old kegs from another brewery that went out of business and some of the gas valves were a bit chewed up. I bought some replacement valves from GW Kent and in attempting to replace them, they seem to be the wrong type. This raises a couple questions for me.

    I assumed the kegs and the replacement valves were sanke D type. GW Kent doesn't state what type of keg the valve is meant to fit into. Does anyone know if their valves are meant for Sanke D kegs?

    The kegs we've been working with so far have worked on our draft system and others. Is it possible to use Sanke S kegs with D couplers?

    It seems I don't know as much about kegs as I thought. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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