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Thread: Chief Executive Officer position

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    Chief Executive Officer position

    Note: this posting is for St. Stan’s Breweing and Stanislaus Brewing Company.

    Summary: Provide executive leadership strategy and planning, directing, and coordinating the business of St Stan’s Brewing Business and Taproom. Direct responsibility for revenues, investments and cash flow. Oversight of all financial reporting and planning, all business communications, formulating policies, coordinating and overseeing those responsible for Taproom and Brewing daily operations, planning the use of materials and human resources in coordination, but are too diverse and general in nature to be classified in any one functional area of management or administration, such as personnel, purchasing, or administrative services.

    Activities and Responsibilities

    o Promote, work, and act in a manner consistent with the mission of St. Stan’s Brewery and Taproom: To sell and serve the best locally made beer and pizza in the Modesto and Stanislaus Co Area
    o Direct and coordinate financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, or increase efficiency.
    o Direct and coordinate investment activities, investor relations including materials and communications between VPs, Board and investors.
    o Review financial statements from accountants and bookkeepers, oversee inputs and creation of accounting data, sales or activity reports, or other performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement or to identify areas needing cost reduction or program improvement. Specifically regarding Taproom management but also regarding integrated beer sales.
    o Provide guidance and oversight with VPs to create efficiencies for needed goods or services within budgetary limits.
    o Provide guidance and oversight of operations with VP Operations of Taproom for service, menu, restaurant environment, cleanliness standards, management development service style/system, food safety and internal marketing initiatives at the Taproom restaurant.
    o Provide guidance and oversight of operations with VP of Sales and Marketing, for Brewery activities for smooth and efficient implementation of direct and outside sales for kegs, growlers and tastings event initiative, tasting food and beverages at Brewery, operational updates, and training programs. Provide guidance and oversight with marketing initiatives including marketing data, marketing plans, and marketing initiative implementation.
    o Identify training needs and initiate development of all Directors and management.
    o Identify market needs and fit; initiate and oversee development follow through with Directors of Operations and Marketing and management to direct St. Stan’s brand, products and offerings for success in the marketplace.
    o Produce and distribute financial reports, market reports and executive summary kinds of documents for Board, VPs and investors.
    o Direct planning and implementation of Board, investor and company meetings as required.
    o Complete other tasks, projects and job duties as assigned and/or deemed appropriate.

    Tools and Technology (examples in parentheses)
    o POS systems
    o Financial systems
    o Accounting software (Intuit QuickBooks)
    o Analytical or scientific software (Microsoft Excel; more?)
    o Calendar and scheduling software (Doodle, Google Calendar)
    o Desktop publishing software (SoftCafe)
    o Electronic mail software (Google Mail)
    o Financial analysis software (Microsoft EXCEL ???)
    o Graphics or photo imaging software
    o Inventory management software (Microsoft Excel ?????)
    o Office suite software (Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Presentation software, Microsoft PowerPoint)
    o Point-of-sale software (Digital Diner),
    o Spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets)
    o Word processing software (Microsoft Word and Google Docs)

    Minimum Qualifications
    o Extensive experience as a executive in brewing industry, as well as possibly former general manager in the service or food and beverage industry
    o Experience with industry principles and ability to apply them to growing business
    o Able to review and direct financial systems and reports, management systems
    o Able to create management standards and accountability to meet company goals and metrics
    o Availability to work 20+ hours per week, though hours would likely grow to full time

    LOCATION: Central Valley: Modesto, CA

    Please send resume to Thank you! Name:  StStansLogo.jpg
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