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Thread: Relocation of brewery

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    Relocation of brewery

    We have a 7bbl brewhouse with 3FV, 3BT, HX, glycol that we are possibly looking at moving to a location 20 miles away. Anybody ever do this before? Any tips and estimates on cost?

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    This should be a pretty easy move. Use a magic marker to number and identify each pipe you remove. Example: Kettle 1 to Kettle 2, K-2 -K3, K-3 to BV (butterfly valve), BV to K-4.

    Number the whole kit as you take it apart and then put it back together the same way. Make sure to take good photos of all your process piping before dissembling. When possible leave as many connections together to make it even easier.

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    Move your brewhouse first after filling the tanks, then move the tanks as they empty. Make sure your facility is ready to go before the move, utilities on the wall waiting, glycol piped, etc. If you are trying to stay in production with little downtime, you need to be able to just drop things in and go within a day.

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