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    I work hard, smart, and efficiently. I am flexible and will find solutions for your business. Give me a call if you have a key position open or need help getting your project going. I have 20+ years running and starting up brewery's around the globe. I am open to full time or temporary opportunities. My experience spans 12.5 million barrels to 10 HL plant sizes, with many international start-ups. If your looking for a dependable, honest person that can get the job done give me a call. I will be happy to send references and a list of breweries where I have worked. Here are a few services I supply.

    Full set SOP's that I adjust to your needs.
    Tracking paper work.
    Site selection.
    Brewery layout.
    Beer design.
    Employee training.
    Equipment selection.
    Optimization of brewery production.

    Former GM Anderson Valley
    Former supervisor Anheuser Busch

    Graydon Brown
    509-703-8833 <-- Video of one of my start-ups

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