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Thread: Brewer looking in Northern Virginia

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    Brewer looking in Northern Virginia

    I'm currently employed at a brewery Northern Virginia that is going through some realignment of resources that focuses on a building a new kitchen and for now, less brewing.

    I am available for work a few days a week while still spending a day or two at my brewery. [Edit] Looks like I can now work 5 days a week. The brewing equipment was put up for auction yesterday, so...........

    I have a bit over three years as a brewer in the brewing world. I have worked as the head brewer in 3 breweries doing everything from brewing to building the brewery.
    I have attended Brewlab in the UK in 2015.

    I would like to stay in Northern Virginia, but am open to some travel (if compensated).

    I can email my resume if you are interested.

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