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Thread: Brewery Hose Sizing

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    Brewery Hose Sizing

    Hello we are a 4 month old brewery using a 3 BBL Colorado Brew System. As far as brewery hose, we are currently using 1/2 inch ID Silicon tubing for all cleaning and transfers etc. We are chilling using two counterflow chillers daisychained together and pumping with a chugger maxx. I will list the pump specs at the end of the post.
    I am not getting a great clean using the CIP and chugger so as soon as I can, I am going to upgrade my pump. At the very least, I am going to run this pump from harbor freight for CIP only as others on here have suggested.
    I will likely continue knockout and transfers with the Chugger Maxx until I can upgrade my chilling method as well and then upgrade pump and chiller at the same time.
    I want to upgrade to brewery hose for sanitation purposes. What size of hose with sanitary crimped ends should I be looking at? 3/4 transfer with 1 inch for suction? I do not want to go any larger than I need to for cost and handling aspects.
    My kettle to the furthest tank is 20 feet.
    Thanks for any input!

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    We have a 3bbl, we use mostly 3/4" ID santoprene hoses but I have some 1" and even 1.5" ID hoses we use with our 3/4hp chinese sanitary pump we bought on ebay for CIP and cleaning kegs as well as whirlpooling. I have a 17gpm brewing pump that turns our cip balls but the cleaning is very weak compared with the big pump which sucked our santoprene hoses closed. (I bought sanitary 1" cip hose as well as the red and gray continental hose 1" and 1.5" intake hose for the whirlpool.

    for rims operation we us a blichmann riptide at 5gpm on a flowmeter and I use a 24v td5 pump for strike and sparge water additions. the pwm speed controller is nice for accurate flow rates.

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