Hello All,

A few years ago I started a small production brewery using a V350 after many years homebrewing. I did all of my own TTB submissions as well as local and state requirements and got my brewers notice in January of 2016. I have averaged 30 bbls a year (14 gallons at a time lol) and have worked in all aspects of the brewery from the executive side to the account side, from the hot side to the cellar and everywhere in between. I have some experience on a 7bbl brew house when contract brewing some of my beer at a local brewery. I understand the entire process and can easily adapt to any environment.

Prior to my brewery ownership experience, I spent almost 20 years in customer service management in the industrial maritime industry where I was responsible for multi-million dollar account management. I understand what it means to be a part of a team and how important individual contribution is to that goal.

I am looking for a job in a brewery because, while my brewery was amazingly educational, being a production only brewery on such a small scale makes literally zero money. I could go back to the maritime sector, but brewing beer is really what I am passionate about.

I would love to take my current skill set and flourish in a larger production environment and bring a solid passion for brewing that would help any brewery succeed. I also have a large library of recipes that I would be bringing with me that I am happy to share.

I live in the Seattle, WA area but am capable of relocating within 150 miles in area direction around Seattle for the right position.

Please email me at ericd <at> circle7brewing (DOT) com if you would like to see a copy of my full resume or if you have any questions.