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Thread: Corn Syrup - Bud Lite - and Super Bowl Ads

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    Corn Syrup - Bud Lite - and Super Bowl Ads

    Bud Lite goes directly at Miller and Coors for using corn syrup in Super Bowl ads. Do you think the consumer cares?

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    The beer pie is shrinking to wine and spirits. Any negative ads are not helpful to revert the trend.

    Consumers are told that beer contain undesirable ingredients.

    We all lose.

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    I do think the consumer cares. Perhaps not the macro-beer consumer so much.
    I make craft sodas as well as beers and promoting the ingredients (“made with real brown and white cane sugars, no HFCS!”) has always been a part of my pitch. When brewhouse tours are given and the process is explained to patrons, how many of us make a point to explain the high-quality grains and unique hops we use?
    The fact that we, as craft brewers, use these ingredients is one of the biggest things that separates our products from MillerCoorsABInBevEtc.

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