My name is Eric Baumann.
I have successfully helped construct and
open two full production breweries
followed by maintaining production schedules
And production itself.
Working with others in all aspects of this
industry from office work to cellaring
and everything in between.
I am familiar with excel, and ekos,
BeerSmith, to google.
Production mangagment, packaging design,
shift scheduling,cola’s, ttb,
Ordering, inventory up keep, and cooperages,
As well as any sanitary duties,
from, recipe development, brewing, cellaring,
filtering, and packaging.
I am very clean and ocd
as I expect the facility to be held at those standards.
Having also spent 16 years in fine dining and
other aspects of culinary arts.
I have a strong passion for this industry and it’s stanards.
I am willing to relocate depending on further
discussed factors.
I would love to send you a resume/cv.
As well as any letters of recommendation as needed.

Please feel free to contact me @

Thank you for your time.